Published On | January 30, 2012


Maximus Air set for debut at Air Cargo India Expo



In line with its new five year growth strategy, unveiled at the 2011 Dubai International Air Show, Maximus Air is setting its sights on the Indian subcontinent as one of the key regions for the expansion of its business outside of the GCC and Arab world.

The company will consequently make its debut at the biennial Air Cargo India Expo in Mumbai from 1st-3rd February 2012, an event which has attracted a number of the leading players in the global air cargo and logistics industries.

This will be the first public appearance for the airline under its new name and brand identity as Maximus Air.

Fathi Hilal Buhazza, Maximus Air CEO, says the rapid growth of international trade has boosted prospects for the air cargo market in India.

“At present, 50 percent of our business comes from within the UAE and 50 percent from outside the country. We want the mix to be 80/20 in favour of international markets and so we are looking to fast growing regions like the Indian subcontinent where trade with the UAE alone increased to $30 billion (Dh108bn) for the first six months of 2011. This is two thirds of what was achieved the whole of 2010, therefore it would be an understatement to say that Maximus Air sees the ISC as an important growth market,” he said.

“Statistics also show that there is ever increasing demand for vehicles, aircraft, defence equipment and all sorts of products to fuel the growth-hungry Indian economy. Maximus Air’s flexible fleet, and its focus on developing the ACMI lease to operator market, means it is well placed to handle any size of cargo.”

Having grown from a local operator to a regional operator with some international trade, Maximus Air has declared it is ready to turn that business model on its head.

“We have a lofty ambition,” said Buhazza, “and that is to become one of the top three players in the global air cargo market. We will emphasise our specialisation in chartering and in particular handling outsized cargo, ACMI leasing, our varied fleet, impeccable safety and security standards and of course an expert team to handle every element of the logistics process.”

Buhazza added that the company is not only looking at increasing its geographic footprint but also its business mix.

”We are looking to diversify through mergers, acquisition and/or strategic partnerships in a number of different areas ranging from consultancy to brokerage and from storage to delivery with the aim of giving us better control of all aspects of the logistics chain rather than having to rely on third parties,” he said.