The Maximus Air brand of service stands for superior quality on-demand charter solutions, built on high dispatch reliability, diverse capabilities, experiencedgrooms, comprehensive maintenance and spare parts support, and European standard insurance. A Flight Coordinator for every flight ensures a seamless and smooth operation, end-to-end.

Heavy and oversized cargo

As a specialist in heavy cargo, Maximus Air is the region’s undisputed leader in transporting outsized and heavy cargo. From sea containers, large aero engines and helicopters, to generators and earth moving equipment, Maximus Air takes on the biggest challenges.

VIP Charter

Maximus Air offers specialized logistical solutions designed around the needs of VIPs, Royal Families and Governments. Maximus Air is a proven expert at transporting time and security-sensitive cargo loads for exclusive clients, with absolute discretion and confidentiality. Maximus can offer long-term total logistical solutions for VIP/Government entities or cater to individual flights. No request is too big or small.

Charter Select Services

Charter Select is a suite of innovative, premium door-to-door services for clients to order as their needs dictate. Charter Select provides customers the benefit and simplicity of a single point of contact. Maximus Air is a one-stop-shop solution for all your cargo matters, both in the air and on the ground. Maximus Air is the one name you can trust to get the most complex of jobs done.

Charter Select includes the following premium services:

  • Load inspection
  • Additional insurance
  • Provision of pallets/ULDs
  • Specialized loading equipment
  • Break and build of pallets
  • Ground transportation
  • Documentation formalities
  • Access to other charter aircraft including the A300-600, A330, and B747

Horse Transport

From transporting racehorses, to show jumpers, to the British Army’s Household Cavalry, Maximus Air has the depth of experience and expertise to care for our four-legged friends.

Maximus offers equestrian clients:

  • Horse comfort and care ensured throughout the journey
  • Air Stables have front and rear ramps for horse loading
  • Specialist veterinarians and experiencedgrooms can be arranged Pre-arranged health and export documentation
  • Surface horse transportation can be arranged
  • State-of-the-art Air Stables with non-slip floors and adjustable size stalls
  • Modern, quiet aircraft with full environmental climate control
  • Potential for one-way charters to reduce cost

Rapid response

Whether your aircraft is in need of a replacement engine, your factory is in need of a substitute part, you have perishables that need to be moved urgently, or your supply chain demands time critical deliveries, Maximus Air has the expertise, the team and the processes in place to launch a charter flight within the shortest possible time. Maximus can react with as little as 6 hours advance notice to offer the ultimate in reliable rapid response solutions for all your needs.


With our versatile capability to carry aid, equipment and even helicopters, Maximus Air provides valuable support to the humanitarian efforts and disaster relief of the world’s leading aid organizations. Our unique fleet of aircraft is able to access isolated areas, land on grass and dirt strips, and self-load and unload without the need for ground equipment.

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